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PTX's mission is to be an excellent tile distributor that offers a wide array of tiles.  In addition, we strive to ensure that we have something for every client, no matter what size, colour or style.  In order to accomplish that, PTX needed to partner up with only the highest quality tile manufacturing companies.  This is why over the years we have developed a longstanding relationship with the best tile manufacturing companies in Europe.  These companies continously strive to be leaders in their industries as their advances in technologies of the future and eco-consious business visions support their mandates. 

PTX's five biggest suppliers include Cersanit, Nowa Gala, Opoczno, Tubadzin & Paradyz where the business ties have been strong for more than 10 years of conducting business together.  What distinguishes the mentioned companies from others is not only the way they conduct business but also their professional mandate. 

In Cersanit's case as they are one of the leading manufacturing companies with Polish capital share in the European market.  The ultimate aim of the manufacturing companies of Grupa Kapitalowa CERSANIT is to maintain and increase the level of users' satisfaction by offering the highest quality products characterized by high functional values compliant with their expectations.  Furthermore, the management of Cersanit pledges: 
•Strengthening of the leading market position in the range of design, manufacture and sales of bathroom ceramics.
•Aiming at building a leading market position in the range of design, manufacture and sales of ceramic tiles and Gres tiles.
•Maintaining the quality of all Cersanit products at a level meeting the recipients' requirements.
•Maintaining product quality at a level meeting the recipients' requirements.
•Use of strategies of constant increase of product quality levels.
•Investing in the development of the employees by raising their professional qualifications.
•Constant modernization of technical production equipment.
•Effective and economical management at every stage of production.     www.cersanit.com

Another one of our distinguished business partners is Nowa Gala whose Quality Policy perfectly reflects the way the company operates.  The company’s primary objective is to generate a financial profit by providing our customers with top quality products while observing all legal requirements in environmental protection, equal opportunities and occupational health and safety.  We intend to meet this objective by:
•implementing innovative solutions in processes, technology and products,
•expanding the domestic and international market,
•regular contacts with the customers in order to react to their requirements, expectations and wishes,
•showing care for top quality production, and using suppliers who observe our policy,
•minimised consumption of media and energy,
•appropriate water management and waste water disposal,
•streamlined waste management,
•keeping emissions into the air at the level limited by legal regulations.     www.nowa-gala.pl/en

Opoczno is also PTX's main tile supplier as their brand has created, inspired and developed unique and timeless collections for 125 years.  For many generations, we have worked for our Clients’ contentment and satisfaction. Our talented and committed designers, constructors and sales/marketing specialists supported with cutting-edge technologies realise the OPOCZNO brand mission, which consists in creating trends and developing ideas for perfect interiors.  That is why, we follow not only the trends present in the ceramic business, as all general fashion trends influence the style of interior finishing and decorations.
Our reaction to the present day fashion is creation of daring design and rich colours used in new collections. Oblong shapes, challenging patterns and most of all the new rectified tile collections are another important breakthrough in the OPOCZNO brand pattern-designing.  Today the OPOCZNO brand is the leader on the ceramic tiles market. The strongest evidence for this fact is its identification which reaches staggering 92%. This results not only from our rich tradition but, most of all, it is the sign of the popularity of our products among consumers, which is the most important element in our hierarchy of goals. We exist and create new products for those who want their private world to look more beautiful.        www.opoczno.eu

In our tightly knit group of manufacturers, Tubadzin Group plays a key role, as it is one of the top Polish manufacturers of ceramic tiles.  With its roots dating back to 1983, due to rapid development and a growing number of customer based, by the mid 1990's a modern production line, using monoporosa technology i.e., single firing, was in full operation.  In 1996 a professional laboratory and the Vetroza Department were established, where the production of ceramic skirting and decorations started, thus making the range of offered products wider and wider.  In 2000 the enormous potential and the will to satisfy the needs of clients, led to the opening of one of the most modern ceramic tile manufacturing plants in Europe.  In early December of 2007, another production line started work in Tubadzin, increasing the plant's capacity by 40%.  In April 2008 Tubadzin Group purchased the German manufacturer Korzilius Company, thus including elevation and clinker tiles into its offer.  In May 2008 The Logistic Centre in Cedrowice was opened, being the first centre of that kinds in this of business.  Since the very beginning of its operation Tubadzin Group has been continously extending the range of offered products, placing particular emphasis on the improvement of their quality and variety of their design.  The production is based on most modern world technologies and at the present Tubadzin Group consists of the following four brands:  Tubadzin, Domino, Arte and Korzilius intended for different targe clients with over 120 collections.   www.tubadzin.com.pl

Lastly, a world class tile manufacturing company that we import tiles from is Paradyz, a company with over 19 years of creation of exquisite products with unique design and highest quality of production.  Our products are made with a contribution of Polish capital and Polish specialists, those are the products that are highly esteemed by the customers from many countries all over the world. The success was build on a vision and daring plans accomplished by over 1600 employees. Paradyz trademark is well known and identified in many countries all over the world. Our products are shown on the biggest trade fairs of the ceramics branch of industry amongst others in: Kiev, Moscow or Poznan. Continuously from 2001 we represent the Polish market at the prestigious CERSAIE trade fairs in Bologna.  What makes us so special?  In a span of several year we have created a coherent, discernible style. Our products are distinguished by innovative design, care for brought to perfection details and a large offer of complete wall and floor collections as well as decorative elements. This gives practically unlimited arrangement possibilities for creating rooms.         www.paradyz.com