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PTX Group is Ontario's one stop tile distributor for all of your tiling needs. We carry thousands of types and varieties of tiles.

Our Mission
PTX Group's mission is to be an excellent tile distributor that offers a wide array of tiles.  In addition we strive to ensure that we have something for every client, no matter what size, colour or style.   

Our History
PTX Group Inc. was established in 1998. Since then we specialized in the distribution of ceramic, marble and resilient tiles. We helped over 21,000 residential and commercial customers to fulfill their flooring needs.

Our Facility
Our modern 35,000 square feet facility is well equipped to receiving all sizes of orders, both small and big. If you are an individual looking for a few tiles to replace in your home, or a business wishing to tile many thousands of square feet - you have come to the right place.  We strive to provide you with as much variety as possible. We have a huge and a growing amount of ceramic tiles in our warehouse centre for you to choose from.

You are invited to our showroom to browse and compare a great variety of tiles.